Camiguin Souldivers

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Camiguin Souldivers   

Looc,Tupsan, Mambajao, Camiguin, Philippines

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Getting to Camiguin Souldivers

Please be aware that Timetables will and do change so check with the carriers beforehand; the ferries are often old and sometimes breakdown

From Cebu :

From Cagayan De Oro (CDO) :

Fastest  is from Macaban Pier to Camiguin Island Benoni Port on OCEAN JET. Leaves CDO daily at 8 am. It returns daily at 4 pm. Journey time approx 120 minutes and costs 600 php each way.

Cheaper but slower is via Balingoan Port which is a port just 75 mins by ferry south of Camiguin Island. Boats travel between 430 am and 4 pm.

From Agora Bus Terminal in CDO, take any bus bound for Butuan and buy ticket for Balingoan. Distance from CDO to Balingoan is 85 kilometres and will take about 120 mins. BACHELOR run air-conditioned buses there are also non-ac buses or shared vans (the cheapest option). It takes you to Benoni Port.

Benoni Port is 10 km South of Camiguin Souldivers. Take a jeepney or a van. We are exactly below where the new split road combines again. We are down the ramp - right on the beach.  Tell the driver it is at the border of Magting and Tupsan.

Look for our sign!


From Camiguin Airport to Camiguin Souldivers.

Airport is 1 km to the west of the main town Mambajao.  

We are 7 km south east of Mambajao. Get a multicab taxi (around 200 Peso) Tricycle (150 Peso) Motorbike taxi (100 Peso).

Tell the driver we are at the border of Magting and Tupsan. We are located exactly below where the road splits into two, we are down the ramp - right on the beach. Look for our large billboard

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